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Hello, and welcome to our new ATENTO blog. We’re hoping to make this an interactive place where you can come to share your thoughts! Trying challenging things is a good thing, right? So let’s do it!

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Now… let’s get started with our first post! What’s happening in Atento San Antonio?


Greetings, from the Oz platform!!

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost a quarter of the way into 2016 – it seems like we were just dressing up for Halloween last week! I guess the saying is true: “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Within the Oz platform, we are very proud of the year we’ve had thus far, and equally as excited about what’s on the horizon! Let’s start with a brief recap of what we’ve accomplished!


  • We successfully launched a brand new client – Oz for Business – taking our very first calls in January of 2016!


  • BC recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of its very first Atento training class, in March of 2016!

  • We welcomed our newest Supervisor, Cathy Clark, in January of 2016

  • We introduced new roles, such as Lead Agent and RTA Agent, to provide for both greater support for the business, and advancement opportunities for agents


  • We welcomed our newest C1 Supervisor, Christopher Mattern, in January of 2016!


  • For Ch Desk, we are currently starting a pilot, which involves cross-training agents to enable them to service an unrelated line of business! This is very exciting, as it provides an opportunity for agents to build on their current skill sets, while adding in some diversity to the job they already do!

  • There will also be more, different, opportunities coming soon on the Ch Desk! This will be shared at a later time


  • In ff, we are constantly trying to reinvent ourselves, in order to improve the quality of work we do, and to gain efficiencies in our processes. In January 2016, we graduated our most recent class of ticketing agents, increasing our overall team size by 5!

Quality / Training

  • Recently, our Training and Quality departments have provided Peer Trainer / Peer Mentor opportunities, which has allowed agents to have some exposure to an entirely new and different role than they had previously had! We look forward to future opportunities to present to agents looking for growth!


  • Our project, morale, and activities committee was conceived earlier this year, and is in the process of coming up with different events that will be held throughout the remainder of the year! For now, we have the Funtento Snack Cart, which offers awesome snacks and drinks at a very low-cost to agents, and helps us to raise funds for the forthcoming events!

By James Mitchell

Welcome to Assurion!

We are the Newest Kid on the block, we are a technical Help Desk for Laptops, Tablets. Desk Top computer; and guess what, Appliances too! We have 3 great supervisors; Christine Cortinas; Michael Kelly and Valerie Vera. You should know Michael and Christine, they came to us from the BV project, and we are so happy that they did. Valerie is the newest but a very strong and welcome addition to the team.

We love to share our skills with the team and have even created a computer lab to help us grow our technical skills. In this we also love to share our best recipes with Pot lucks, weekend fun, like Nacho Sunday! We will be have an Easter egg hunt and movies on Sunday to help us enjoy our Easter with our Atento family! Watch for more fun from this team, they are awesome!

We are on track for a team of 45 Agents and working very hard to make sure we are doing all we can to succeed and grow this newest line of business, shooting for 100+! Watch for our growth and success!

By Valerie Flinn


Here in BBVA San Antonio walking down the halls gives a feel of being at home. No matter where you turn or what hallway you’re in, you guaranteed to run into someone you know. Atento San Antonio is like a family. We are always in full-swing working for BV and staying busy is what keeps the day going. Assisting our customers and providing them exceptional service is top priority. Many days multiple agents are pulling overtime if needed and are grateful for the opportunity. Within the Telephone Banking team we have many leaders who take the initiative and rise to the occasion if needed. Whether it be assisting on the queue, working OT, or helping out with side projects, their willingness is what shines bright here! Circling back to a home feeling here, we also have numerous pot-lucks to build the comrade and have a chance to have some fun every now and then. Some of our top performs have different incentives like paid lunch by the supervisors, gift cards, employee of the month reserved parking, and that just scratches the surface. We not only want to provide a safe professional environment, but also be able to enjoy and feel comfortable in coming to work. SA Strong…!

By Ryan Gonzalez

The past few weeks we have had several new faces join the BV team. I had the pleasure of being their trainer during training class and also being involved in their soft landing training. In this new group we have lots of bright people with good smiling faces. This new group of people have progressed very rapidly and most of them have been promoted to the sales team here with BV. I look forward to their continued success and helping them develop their skills to become the best agents they can be.

By Randy Castro

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