Our Mission and Core Values

Atento's unique culture reflects our mission, corporate values and guiding principles. These define our behavior as a company, emphasize teamwork and innovation and inspire our people to have total dedication to the client.

Our Mission

We make companies successful by guaranteeing the best customer experience for their clients.

Our Values


We are committed to our clients' success.


We act with integrity, true to our values, defending what we believe in and taking responsibility for our actions.

Our Guiding Principles


We work with passion, enthusiasm and with the drive to be better each day.


We guarantee trust, transparency and respect in our relationships with all our stakeholders (clients, employees, suppliers, society and shareholders).

We work as a team, understanding our clients' needs locally but leveraging our multinational capabilities and scale

We encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

We are efficient, agile and streamlined to create value for our clients

We put passion into everything we do, motivated by the desire to be better, with the ambition to achieve our goals

We are disciplined financially and operationally

We are proud to build a great place to work